Incredible Drone Footage Of The Firework Display In Reykjavik On New Year’s Eve

Anyone who’s spent New Year’s Eve in Reykjavík will tell you it’s an extraordinary experience, especially given the fact that there are no official firework displays in the city. This legendary night is very much created by the local people of Reykjavík who collectively do an amazing job with the pyrotechnics and celebrations.

Half an hour before midnight, just after a yearly comedy sketch show called Áramótaskaupið finishes on TV (it’s a satire show that pokes fun of politics and the events of the year), the fireworks start for real and the nation goes absolutely crazy as the whole sky lights up with explosions and color. For those not used to it, it can be quite a breathtaking (yet chaotic) experience.

Sigurður Helgason captured these wonderful images of the fireworks over the suburbs of Reykjavík with his Phantom 4 Pro drone on New Years Eve.

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