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  • Incredible Satellite Image Shows Iceland Completely Covered in Snow

    December 2022 was the coldest December in Iceland since 1974, with an average temperature across the country of -4.0 degrees Celsius or 24.8 degrees Fahrenheit. In addition to record freezing temperatures, heavy snowfall also affected the whole country, forcing many roads to be closed for extended periods of time. A perfect depiction of just how […] More

  • Molly Sandén Stuns With a Spectacular Live Performance of Húsavík During the Oscars

    Straight from the town of Húsavík in North Iceland, singer Molly Sandén performed her Oscar-nominated song ‘Húsavík’ from Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga, live in front of the world at the Academy Awards last night. The song, which was nominated for Best Original Song, might have missed out on the top prize, […] More

  • Kaleo Releases a Stunning Live Performance Video in Front of an Erupting Volcano

    GRAMMY-nominated Icelandic blues and rock band Kaleo have released one of the most amazing music videos we’ve ever seen of their track ‘Skinny’. Recorded at the ever-growing volcanic eruption site in Geldingadalur valley on the Reykjanes peninsula, the live acoustic performance shows lead vocalist and guitarist JJ Julius Son (real name Jökull Júlíusson) strumming his […] More

  • United Airlines Adds New Daily Flights to Iceland From Chicago and Newark

    This morning, United Airlines announced a new long-haul international expansion to Europe. The airline announced that it will be adding daily flights to Iceland for the summer in hopes that relaxed entry requirements will spur demand for the popular tourist destination. Most of continental Europe remains off-limits for most U.S. citizens, and airline executives last […] More

  • A Third Fissure Opens Up at the Volcanic Eruption on the Reykjanes Peninsula

    At midnight local time, a third fissure opened up at the volcanic eruption taking place on the Reykjanes peninsula in Iceland. This new fissure opened up right between the two current ones, adding quite a bit of lava to the area, but at this stage it’s hard to say exactly how large the latest fissure […] More

  • New Fissure Opens Near Geldingadalur Volcanic Eruption, Causing a River of Lava

    A new 200 meter (650 feet) wide volcanic fissure opened up yesterday, northeast of the original eruption that began on March the 19th in Geldingadalur valley on the Reykjanes peninsula. The eruption site has mostly been open to the public but was subsequently closed and the site immediately cleared with the help of ICE-SAR civil […] More

  • Live Video of the Volcanic Eruption in Iceland

    Want to follow the volcanic eruption in Iceland? Then watch this live video stream from Fagradalsfjall mountain, facing Geldingadalur valley, where a fissure eruption began on the 19th of March. The eruption, which occurred on the Reykjanes Peninsula in southwest Iceland, followed weeks of constant earthquakes (around 50,000 overall) and is the first eruption on […] More

  • 3D Model of the Volcanic Eruption in Geldingadalur

    Photogrammetry and drone specialists from the engineering firm EFLA were recently at the volcanic eruption in Geldingadalur valley. The purpose of their trip was to fly a drone over the area and capture images that would then be turned into a three-dimensional model of the area. An announcement from EFLA about the model states that […] More

  • First Daytime Pictures of the Volcanic Eruption in Geldingadalur

    This morning a helicopter crew from the Icelandic Coast Guard flew over and took new photos of the eruption in Geldingadalur. This was done during a trip with scientists from the Icelandic Meteorological Office to assess the lava flow and the size of the fissure vent. The eruption surprised everyone when it started in the […] More

  • This Funny Photo Perfectly Captures Icelandic “Summer” Weather

    According to the calendar and the millions of puffins, golden plovers, and other migratory birds who have reached Icelandic shores, we’re supposed to officially be in summer. Yet in the past few weeks the weather here in Iceland seems to have completely different ideas, jumping one day from winter to spring the next day… only to return […] More

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