Hilarious Photo Perfectly Captures Life In Iceland Right Now

Photo of a woman hanging up laundry in shoulder-deep snow goes viral in Iceland.

To say it’s been snowing quite a bit in Iceland lately would be quite the understatement. In fact, we here at Iceland Wonder were thinking about it earlier today and we’ve completely lost count of just how many days in a row it’s been snowing for. This weekend’s massive snow storm dumped so much snow that it seems people in the capital region have just given up on trying to keep the pathways clear. For us snow lovers it’s been quite the winter wonderland!

But while there has been snow all over Iceland, the residents of the Westfjords have been especially hard hit.

Photographer Rebekka Guðleifsdóttir, who lives in the town of Ísafjörður, wanted to capture how overwhelming the snow had become so that her husband, who’s currently in Reykjavík, could see how much worse she had it. The result was this hilarious photo of Rebekka hanging up the laundry in shoulder-deep snow.

The amusing scene Rebekka had originally created for her husband and friends ended up going viral around Iceland, being shared over 3,000 times. Which goes without saying is huge for a country of 334,000 people.

“I’ve been known to do things like this before. I’ve taken a lot of selfies, barefoot in snow or wading in water, but my photos have never been shared as much as this one.

The photo was primarily a joke. It’s difficult to capture the full experience of how overwhelming the snow is right now, so I had the idea of creating this surreal scene of a woman trying to hang out her laundry, with the clothes lines having been swallowed by the snow.”

But as funny as the picture is, it was no easy task to create, as Rebekka had to dig a path through snow that reached up to her shoulders.

“I’m 1.74 meters tall (5 ft 9 in), so I’m by no means short. The snow reached up to my shoulders after I had dug the path through the snow.”

Rebekka’s first photo of the washing line and heavy snow.

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