This Funny Photo Perfectly Captures Icelandic “Summer” Weather

This picture of two flags blowing in completely opposite directions is Icelandic weather in a nutshell. Photo credit: Ragnar Sveinbjörnsson/Facebook

According to the calendar and the millions of puffins, golden plovers, and other migratory birds who have reached Icelandic shores, we’re supposed to officially be in summer. Yet in the past few weeks the weather here in Iceland seems to have completely different ideas, jumping one day from winter to spring the next day… only to return back to winter the day after that!

We have yet to get one decently sunny day and temperatures have remained in the single digits of Celsius. But worst of all is the continuously changing wind, that doesn’t quite seem to know in what direction it wants to go.

The current wild and crazy weather was perfectly captured by Ragnar Sveinbjörnsson, a local man who lives in the small fishing village of Bolungarvík in the Westfjords. Ragnar looked out his window only to discover the Icelandic flags dotted on lawns around his neighborhood were all blowing in completely different directions.

Just goes to show you that when it comes to the weather in Iceland, you never really know what you will get. So be safe and pack nice warm clothes and a windbreaker if you’re heading to Iceland soon!

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