Man Finds His Lookalike Featured In An Ad At Keflavik Airport

Life imitates art for one traveler at Keflavík airport in Iceland. Photo credit: linsage / reddit

A few million people pass through Keflavík International Airport every year and are greeted with a wide range of ads for all types of Icelandic products, hotels, restaurants and activities. But for one bearded gentleman, a massive ad painted on the wall for clothing company 66°North seemed like it was specifically aimed at him as the targeted audience.

The ad featured a photo of another bearded man wearing a very similar yellow jacket and hat to the ones that the traveler was wearing. Thrilled at his coincidental find he tried his very best to recreate the pose of the man featured in the ad and got a buddy to snap this hilarious photo of the result, which ended up going viral around the internet.

You could say this is what it’s like when life imitates art imitating life. If that makes sense!