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  • Live Drone Video of the Volcano in Iceland – All Night Stream

    Update: The live stream has ended up you can still view the entire stream above. Photographer and drone pilot Björn Steinbekk is currently doing a 12 hour live drone stream from the volcanic eruption at Geldingadalur on the Reykjanes Peninsula in Iceland. The stream started 7PM local time (8PM BST for our UK viewers and […] More

  • Kaleo Releases a Stunning Live Performance Video in Front of an Erupting Volcano

    GRAMMY-nominated Icelandic blues and rock band Kaleo have released one of the most amazing music videos we’ve ever seen of their track ‘Skinny’. Recorded at the ever-growing volcanic eruption site in Geldingadalur valley on the Reykjanes peninsula, the live acoustic performance shows lead vocalist and guitarist JJ Julius Son (real name Jökull Júlíusson) strumming his […] More

  • A Third Fissure Opens Up at the Volcanic Eruption on the Reykjanes Peninsula

    At midnight local time, a third fissure opened up at the volcanic eruption taking place on the Reykjanes peninsula in Iceland. This new fissure opened up right between the two current ones, adding quite a bit of lava to the area, but at this stage it’s hard to say exactly how large the latest fissure […] More

  • New Fissure Opens Near Geldingadalur Volcanic Eruption, Causing a River of Lava

    A new 200 meter (650 feet) wide volcanic fissure opened up yesterday, northeast of the original eruption that began on March the 19th in Geldingadalur valley on the Reykjanes peninsula. The eruption site has mostly been open to the public but was subsequently closed and the site immediately cleared with the help of ICE-SAR civil […] More

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    Incredible Drone Video Flies Right Above a Huge River of Lava

    Yesterday we posted a nice and relaxing “virtual hike” of a stunning valley in the Westfjords of Iceland. Well, now it’s time to experience the complete opposite! In this incredible, adrenaline-pumping drone video by Óli Haukur Mýrdal (better known as OZZO Photography on social media) he takes us on a flight along a massive lava […] More

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    10 Unique Photos of the Volcanic Eruption

    From The Lord of the Rings references to a dog and lots of lava – the volcano in Geldingadalur valley on the Reykjanes peninsula of Iceland has it all. Since the start of the eruption 10 days ago, social media has been flooded with incredible shots of this newly formed volcano. While Iceland is quite […] More

  • Live Video of the Volcanic Eruption in Iceland

    Want to follow the volcanic eruption in Iceland? Then watch this live video stream from Fagradalsfjall mountain, facing Geldingadalur valley, where a fissure eruption began on the 19th of March. The eruption, which occurred on the Reykjanes Peninsula in southwest Iceland, followed weeks of constant earthquakes (around 50,000 overall) and is the first eruption on […] More

  • 3D Model of the Volcanic Eruption in Geldingadalur

    Photogrammetry and drone specialists from the engineering firm EFLA were recently at the volcanic eruption in Geldingadalur valley. The purpose of their trip was to fly a drone over the area and capture images that would then be turned into a three-dimensional model of the area. An announcement from EFLA about the model states that […] More

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    These Drone Videos of the Volcano Have to be Seen to be Believed

    Photos and videos from the volcanic eruption on the Reykjanes peninsula have attracted a lot of attention this week, both in Iceland and around the world. Drone videographer Björn Steinbekk has made two trips to capture the eruption and his incredible footage has gone viral. In one of Björn’s videos he flies the drone so close […] More

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