3D Model of the Volcanic Eruption in Geldingadalur

Photogrammetry and drone specialists from the engineering firm EFLA were recently at the volcanic eruption in Geldingadalur valley. The purpose of their trip was to fly a drone over the area and capture images that would then be turned into a three-dimensional model of the area.

An announcement from EFLA about the model states that the firm’s experts used a drone to circle the ridge of the volcano from a safe distance and capture the images of this awe-inspiring event. EFLA says that the conditions for photogrammetry were generally favorable, although the volcano was obscured by the plume from time to time.

The 3D model they created can be seen above and you can rotate the model and zoom in and out, using either a mouse if you are on a desktop computer or your fingers on a mobile device.

Understandably the sight of an active volcanic area has generated a lot of interest both in Iceland and abroad and geologists from all over the world are monitoring the situation closely. A lot of data is being gathered and drones play a large part in that as drones are able to give geologists and scientists a perfect overhead view of any changes in the lava field, informing them of what‘s going on at any time.

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