10 Unique Photos of the Volcanic Eruption

From The Lord of the Rings references to a dog and lots of lava – the volcano in Geldingadalur valley on the Reykjanes peninsula of Iceland has it all.

Since the start of the eruption 10 days ago, social media has been flooded with incredible shots of this newly formed volcano.

While Iceland is quite used to volcanic eruptions, this one is unique in the sense that it’s relatively small, safe and is situated right in the middle of a valley just 30 minutes away by car from the capital. While you do also have to hike for about two hours to reach the site from the road, that hasn’t stopped locals flocking to the area to capture some incredible photos.

Here are 10 of our favorite ones so far.

1) The volcano as seen from the air

Photo by @chrisburkard on Instagram

2) Lava starting to fill the valley floor

Photo by @iuriebelegurschi on Instagram

3) Dressed for the occasion

Photo by @magnus_hjorleifsson on Instagram

4) Veins of new earth forming

Photo by @bsteinbekk on Instagram

5) The heart of the volcano ❤️

Photo by @linbergmann on Instagram

6) Woofcano (swipe for bonus pics)

Photo by @linaimages on Instagram

7) The glow of the eruption seen from The Blue Lagoon

Photo by @bluelagoonis on Instagram

8) The floor is lava… quite literally

Photo by @anothericelandicaccount on Instagram

9) One does not simply cycle into Mordor

Photo by @jan_dancak on Instagram

10) The Eye of Sauron

Photo by @ragnarth on Instagram

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