Stunning Timelapse Video Perfectly Captures The Vastness Of Icelandic Nature

Back in early September of last year, time-lapse cinematographer Martin Heck got the chance to do a quick trip to Iceland.

Armed with a brand new Nikon D850 camera, Martin set his sights on capturing some great Northern Lights footage as the aurora forecast was extremely positive during those 5 short days he’d be in Iceland.

Not only did Martin end up capturing breathtaking sunrises and sunsets along the vast empty landscape of Iceland’s south coast, but he also accomplished his goal of filming the Northern Lights in all their splendor, all of which is featured in this short video he titled ‘100 hours In Iceland’.

Martin says he had an incredibly trip and that he fells like he only got a small taste of what Iceland has to offer. He says we can all expect him to come back soon to shoot even more beautiful time-lapse videos!

You can find more of Martin’s work on his website, YouTube, Facebook or Instagram.

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