Award Winning Time-Lapse Video Shows The Amazing Beauty Of Iceland

Icelandic nature for the most part still remains untouched by human progress. It’s a place where there is light and dimness, where long summer days with almost 24-hours of daylight are counterbalanced by extremely short winter days.

Often called “The Land of Fire and Ice”, Iceland is home to the biggest glaciers and ice sheets in Europe, as well as some of the most active volcanoes on the planet.

Photographer Nick Kontostavlakis managed to capture some of the beauty that Iceland has to offer with this stunning time-lapse video. It’s a true work of art!

Kontostavlakis says that it took him several months to just edit the thousands of photographs he took during his trip around Iceland, and then months more to stitch them together into this magical video. The whole process took a year to complete. But ultimately, it was so worth it: The video recently won an award as “The Best Time-Lapse” at Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards as well as being chosen “Best of the Month-January” by the Hollywood International Independent Documentary Awards.

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