Heaven On Earth – A Travel Video From Iceland’s South Coast

In the last few years more and more travelers have been heading to Iceland during the colder and darker periods of late fall and winter. It’s gotten to the point that there really isn’t an “off season” in Iceland anymore! One of the main reasons is the hope of seeing the beautiful dance of the Northern Lights, but most visitors who arrive during the colder months agree that Iceland in winter has it’s own magical, otherworldly character.

This beautiful travel video shot by Canadian filmmaker Godfrey Cheng shows exactly how magical the south coast of Iceland — with its countless spectacular locations — is under a blanket of snow and frost.

“Me and four of my friends dropped all of our priorities, grabbed our cameras, and went on a one week road trip across what I like to call: heaven on Earth. We embraced the Icelandic weathers and were blown away how beautiful Iceland is.

From the cold nights spent outside our van watching the luscious green northern lights dance to the powerful waterfalls that left us soaked, Iceland reminded me what living really is.”

The song featured in the video is “All Is Not Lost” by Tony Anderson.

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