Journey Between Land And Ocean – A Beautiful Iceland Travel Video

French filmmaker Gaspar Matheron and his photographer girlfriend Zoe Fidji are a visual duo known as Roaming Lovers.

The couple had been wanting to visit Iceland for a few years after seeing an endless amount of beautiful photos and videos online. In May of last year they decided to finally make their dream become a reality, so they booked flights and rented a camper van as they wanted to spend a week traveling the Ring Road around the country.

They filmed their whole trip and created this stunning video they named “Between Land and Ocean”

They had this to say about their wonderful trip:

“Iceland is known for being one of the most photogenic place on earth…well, it’s completely true, the different kind of landscape makes it the perfect playground for photographers and nature lovers, from the black sand beaches of Vík to the white endless stretch in the north. Whether cloaked in cloud or softened with mist, Iceland is one of those travel destinations where you actually hope it rains (and it does every ten minutes). The grey skies adds to the moodiness of the landscape…

Beside the breathtaking different color ranges that nature offers there and the variety of landscapes, we were blown away by this incredible feeling of freedom and loneliness (in a good way), something that we experience less and less in our busy cosmopolite life, on this island you take time to reconnect, you start paying attention to small details again, you realize how nature is powerful compare to us tiny humans…and in the end, how it rules the world.”

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