17 Adorable Photos Shared By The Reykjavik Metropolitan Police In 2017

Having one of the lowest crime rates in the world, the streets of Reykjavík aren’t exactly known for being super mean.

With a lack of bad guys to chase, the Reykjavík Metropolitan Police set up an Instagram account in the summer of 2012 to show some of the every day things their police officers get up to.

Now that 2017 has ended, we thought it ideal to pick 17 of our favorite photos shared by them in the past year. Enjoy!

#1 Teaching the importance of safety glasses

“The sale of New Year’s Eve fireworks has begun. Be careful, use safety glasses and follow the directions that come with the fireworks!”

#2 Having a tea party

“The Christmas elves invited us for coffee!”

#3 Handing out a "ticket"

“Do you know how fast you were going young man?”

#4 Helping out a colleague

“It’s important to wear well polished shoes.”

#5 Lúlli the police teddy

“Lúlli the official police teddy showing the kids around a police car.”

#6 Watching the fireworks on Culture Night

#7 Leading a parade during Reykjavík Pride

#8 Saying hi to a little fan

“We met this great kid in a cool cop t-shirt and got to take a picture with him.”

#9 Horsing around

“We got an unusual call this morning after a group of horses were seen roaming around Kópavogur. The horses had somehow gotten free from a stable belonging to a local horse owners’ club.

Luckily, our in-house horse whisperer had no trouble rounding them up while we waited for club staff to come pick up their equine friends.”

#10 Saying hi to another little fan

“We got a visit from this happy girl. She got to see some of our patrol cars. #futurecop”

#11 Enjoying an ice cream

#12 Girl power

“The crew tonight at Secret Solstice Festival – aren’t you all planning on being well behaved?”

#13 The color run

“The color run going strong and we are just as colorful as ever!”

#14 End of the shift

“Relaxing at the end of the night shift.”

#15 Feeding the birds

“Making sure our geese and swan friends have something to eat by Tjörnin (The Pond).”

#16 Police work is serious business!

#17 Playing around with Snapchat filters

“Just a normal day at work. #nofilter”

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