Bottlenose Whale Stuck In Reykjavik’s Old Harbor Gets Rescued

The staff at Elding whale watching tours in Reykjavík didn’t have to venture far off shore yesterday morning in search for wildlife.

In the early hours they noticed what seemed like a distressed whale stuck inside the Old Harbor area. On closer inspection they found out it was a northern bottlenose whale that had swam into the harbor and clearly couldn’t find its way back out.

Divers were called to help

The staff contacted a nearby company that specializes in diving services for films and television for help who quickly sent over two professional divers. According to one of the divers, Sig­urður Arn­ar Stef­áns­son­, the female whale looked lethargic at first, but after a little time in the water with her she jumped back to life and the two had little trouble guiding her out of the enclosed harbor area.

After getting her out of the old harbor, the whale stuck to the shallows along the breakwater for a little while and needed a bit of a push before she safely swam back into the open ocean.