Impressive Instagram Photos and Videos of the Fagradalsfjall Eruption

Even though the volcanic eruption that occurred last Friday evening (19th of March) near Fagradalsfjall and Geldingadalur is just 40 kilometers (25 miles) away from Iceland’s capital, Reykjavik, there is so far no need to worry about risk to human life or property.

By Icelandic standards this eruption is quite small and is situated in one of the best locations imaginable when it comes to the Reykjanes peninsula. This brand new baby-volcano is tucked away in a completely closed off valley, so the lava flow has nowhere to escape.

Obliviously an eruption and the creation of a new volcano so close to where two-thirds of Iceland’s population call home caused quite a stir, and photographers around the country raced to the area to capture this unique moment.

Here are some of the very best photos and videos, as shared by Instagrammers.

These incredible photos and videos above were shot by one of Iceland’s most famous Instagrammers and female photographers, Ása Steinars. She and an all female group of photographers were lucky enough to be part of the first commercial helicopter flight over the Fagradalsfjall eruption, to see Iceland’s newest volcano.

Here is what she had to say about the experience:

My first photos from the eruption in Iceland 🚁🌋

I got lucky enough to join on of the first commercial Heli flights over the newly formed lava. It was truly a once in a lifetime experience.

While flying over the eruption we could feel the massive heat coming from the lava and smell some fumes.

Ása Steinars @asasteinars

The photos above where shot by none other than world renowned nature photographer Chris Burkard, who just so happened to have been in Iceland by coincidence when the eruption started.

This is what he had to say:

Still feels a bit hard to believe the timing of all this. The opportunity to experience an eruption 800 years in the making during a tiny window of unplanned time, post quarantine and between work feels pretty surreal.

I guess after dedicating 15 years and 43 trips to Iceland you are bound to score.

Chris Burkard @chrisburkard

When Lithuanian photographer Deividas Matkevičius heard that an eruption had started somewhere on the Reykjanes peninsula he immediately gathered his things and started hiking towards the bright red light in the sky.

I thought the eruption location way closer, but I was wrong… Trekking though old lava fields and climbing over a few mountains it took me 12 hours and 20 kilometers (there and back) from the Blue Lagoon to reach the unique Fagradalsfjall Volcano.

I was literally overwhelmed being there just by myself and my friend that joined me for this life changing experience.

I felt speechless! To see live flowing lava and spewing magma out of the volcano, in an area that hasn’t had an eruption in 800 years. I never could image something like this happening in my short life.

This was without a doubt a life changing moment that I am truly grateful for!

Deividas Matkevičius @deividas

Icelandic photographer Ari Magg was at the eruption during the night, and captured these mind-blowing photos that really show off how much the lava glows in the darkness of night.

Axel Sigurðarson is a Reykjavík based photographer with a keen interest in the natural world. He was at the Geldingadal eruption yesterday and captured these amazing moments for The Reykjavík Grapevine.

As these photos show quite clearly, the eruption has been very popular with the locals.

Gunnar Freyr, who’s also an incredibly popular nature photographer and Instagrammer here in Iceland took this stunning photo.

Here is what Gunnar had to say about this once in a lifetime opportunity:

New Earth. A moment that a thousand words can’t describe. I am still trying to grasp what I saw with my own eyes; what I witnessed in person. Experiencing a volcanic eruption is not something that is easy to get over, that you can process and move on from. Seeing the spawning lava, coming from the endless depths of the Earth makes a mark on you.

Today was an ultimate reminder that we live on an ever-changing planet, and that nothing is given forever. I consider myself so incredibly lucky for living on this magical planet Iceland.

Gunnar Freyr @icelandic_explorer

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