The Incredible Moment 2 Humpback Whales Breach In Eyjafjörður

Talk about being in the right place at the right time!

This is the incredible moment when two majestic humpback whales breached right in front of a traditional Icelandic oak boat owned and operated by Whale Watching Hauganes, much to the joy of everyone on board the whale watching tour boat.

The video was filmed in Eyjafjörður, which is a fjord in North Iceland that has always been known as a great spot to catch glimpses of whales. Lately however, these gentle giants have been showing up in the fjord in much greater numbers than over the past couple of decades. In fact, according to marine biologist Gísli Víkingsson of the Icelandic Marine Research Institute, the humpback whale population in Icelandic waters has grown from 2,000 in 1987 to an estimated 10,000-15,000 in recent times.

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