Kayakers Take On The Stunning Waterfalls Of Iceland

There are around 10,000 waterfalls situated in every corner and nook of Iceland, and they are as varied and beautiful as they are many. Iceland’s climate and location is especially suited to waterfalls with frequent rain and snow, combined with the multitude of large glaciers that melt in the summer, creating powerful glacial rivers.

While most visitors to Iceland will undoubtedly see plenty of waterfalls on their travels, the majority are happy with just taking a few photos while enjoying the raw natural power on display. Few, however, might take it a step further and plunge right in!

Professional kayakers Ben Brown and Anton Immler did exactly that when they set their sights on some of Iceland’s rivers and lagoons, kayaking down a dozen waterfalls, running each of them up to twenty times apiece. “It’s the best bang for your buck waterfall spot in the world,” says Brown. “You roll up to one waterfall, run it as much as you want, then hop in the truck and head to the next.” And what about the icy temperatures? After all, it is Iceland. “You get used to it,” says Brown. “Water can only get so cold before it starts to freeze!” While that sounds plenty cold enough to the rest of us, it didn’t keep Brown and Immler off of waterfalls like Aldeyjarfoss, Þjófafoss, and Goðafoss, stopping also by Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon at the foot of the Vatnajökull Glacier.

They shot their adventures on multiple GoPro cameras strapped to their kayaks and helmets, and the result is this adrenaline pumping video.