Mountain Bikers Search The Icelandic Highlands For The Perfect Trail

Areas such as Landmannalaugar and Þórsmörk in the Icelandic Highlands are famous for their incredible hiking trails through rugged and remote landscapes. Full of mountains, volcanoes, geothermal hot springs, waterfalls and rivers, the Highlands of Iceland attract adventurers from far and wide. But while hiking there is an out of this world experience, what are the trails like for mountain bikers?

Professional mountain bike athletes KC Deane and Geoff Gulevich wanted to find out, so the pair of globe-trotters packed their bikes and booked flights to Iceland. As you can see in this breathtaking 4K video of their adventure, KC and Geoff didn’t leave Iceland disappointed. Far from it!

KC had this to say about their trip:

“Iceland has long been on my list of travel locations, not just for the riding but it’s hard not to see photos of the landscape and be captured by it. When Geoff, The Fast Fokus crew and I arrived, even leaving the airport was an incredible sight. The volcanic landscape covered in green moss is mesmerizing and photos hardly do it justice. The idea of going and finding perfect single track that laces through the hills was our goal, and with the help of Magni from Icebike we set out to find the best trails the south island had to offer. Each day we set out we seemed to find better locations and trails than the day and week before. In addition to the landscape, the Northern Lights was something that we all wanted to see while we were in Iceland. With the cloud cover we were running out of hope after almost two weeks, but at the end of our trip we were surprised by clear skies and one of the most incredible light shows you can imagine. It was one of the most amazing locations I’ve ever seen in the world, with trails to match.”  —KC Deane

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