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  • Cat Cafe Opens Up In Reykjavik – Meet The 3 Adorable Residents

    The first cat café in Iceland recently opened up in the center of Rekjavík. The aptly named Kattakaffihúsið, which means 'The Cat Café', is located on Bergstaðastræti 10, which is just a short walk from the famous Hallgrímskirkja church. The feline friendly café offers a variety of different coffees and teas as well as traditional [...]
  • Two Icelandic Kids Take The Idea Of A Lemonade Stand To The Next Level

    Photo source: Facebook / Ragnheiður Valgarðsdóttir These two young entrepreneurs were spotted yesterday evening selling hot chocolate and freshly made 'kleinur' by the Grótta lighthouse, which is a popular tourists location in Reykjavík. When asked, the adorable pair of business savvy friends said they had built their food stand all by themselves by constructing it [...]
  • Adorable Baby Takes Us On A Magical Trip Around Iceland

    7-month-old baby Alessio (known as Vulcano to his friends) is a pretty adventurous and happy little guy! He recently took his parents on a trip around Iceland and decided he wanted to show all his internet friends Iceland too. So he made this fun little video of all the awesome things he saw and did, […] More

  • Little Boy Becomes Best Friends With A Foal

    This adorable video of a four year old boy, Þórður Bragi, and his little friend, the foal Köggur, playing with one another in the family stable is guaranteed to put a gigantic smile on your face! The tiny Icelandic horse was born earlier than expected and was moved quickly into the stables for warmth. That’s […] More