Two Icelandic Kids Take The Idea Of A Lemonade Stand To The Next Level

Their hot coco and kleinur were very popular with tourists and locals alike.

These two young entrepreneurs were spotted yesterday evening selling hot chocolate and freshly made ‘kleinur’ by the Grótta lighthouse, which is a popular tourists location in Reykjavík.

When asked, the adorable pair of business savvy friends said they had built their food stand all by themselves by constructing it on top of an old wagon for easy maneuverability. They fitted it with Christmas lights and a couple of lanterns, but what we like most about their ingenious little wagon is the fire extinguisher they placed on the side of it. Talk about being safety conscious!

The friends seemed to have no trouble getting customers, who lined up to get freshly made Icelandic donuts and hot coco for 500kr ($4.87 / £3.50), which by Icelandic standards is a great deal!


Photo source: Instagram

For those not familiar with what Kleinur are, they’re a fried pastry similar to doughnuts or crullers. They are a very popular treat in Iceland and kids normally go nuts over them. The slightly crunchy outside yields to a wonderfully soft cardamom scented interior and they go great with either coffee or coco.

A must try when traveling to Iceland, and who knows, you might even get lucky enough to stumble upon these two geniuses!