Population Of Iceland Surpasses The 350,000 Mark

According to the latest figures from Statistics Iceland, the population of Iceland has for the first time in history topped the 350,000 people mark.

The official numbers for the end of the 1st quarter of 2018 put Iceland’s population at 350,710, comprised of 178,980 men and 171,730 women. 64% of the total population (224,000 people) live in the greater Reykjavík area while 36% live outside of the Capital Region (126,710).

A total of 970 Icelanders were born in the 1st quarter while 600 died, but most of the population increase is due to immigration, as during that period 2,530 foreign nationals moved to Iceland and 580 Icelandic nationals who had been living abroad moved back home. Immigrants of Icelandic citizenship came mostly from Denmark, Norway or Sweden, 400 out of 580. The bulk of foreign immigrants came from other European countries. The largest group was Poles, 770 out of the total 2,530, followed by Lithuanians, at 320.

According to Statistics Iceland, a total of 39,570 foreign nationals currently live in Iceland, or 11.3% of the total population.