Iceland As Featured In Hollywood Movie Blockbusters And TV Shows

Iceland is famous for its iconic landscape and unique geographical phenomena, including glaciers, fjords, mountains, volcanoes, hot geothermal springs, black sand beaches that stretch on for miles, glacier lagoons, and even barren wastelands.

When you consider the epic nature on display, it’s easy to understand why Iceland has, in recent years, become almost as popular with filmmakers as it is with tourists. From Star Wars to Game of Thrones, Iceland is the backdrop to a lot of fantasy worlds these days, as well as appearing as itself from time to time. Such as in 2013’s The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.

But magical or dramatic landscapes aren’t enough to make a movie: You need local talent and expertise to help foreign film crews find the right locations and help with production. One of the very best Icelandic production companies, True North, has worked on a number of Hollywood Blockbusters, including the latest Star Wars and Marvel movies.

In this impressive show-reel — with Icelandic nature and landscape in the leading role –, True North shows some of the incredible films and TV shows they’ve helped produce over the last few years.

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