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  • A Misty Day at the Arctic Henge in North Iceland

    This unique and hauntingly beautiful place is the Stone Henge of the North, aka The Arctic Henge. Set in Raufarhöfn, one of the most remote and northernmost villages in Iceland where the Arctic Circle lies just off the coast, the Arctic Henge (Heimskautsgerðið in Icelandic) is still under construction. Similar to its ancient predecessor, Stonehenge, […] More

  • Take A Virtual Horseback Ride Through The Magical Landscapes Of Iceland

    Do yourself a favor. Get yourself a nice cup of your favorite hot beverage, sit back, relax and watch this incredibly soothing video of equestrians taking around 45 Icelandic horses out for a ride on a typical rainy Icelandic summer day. Filmed in North Iceland, the video takes us through beautiful green valleys, over a […] More