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  • Pets Now Welcome On Buses In The Reykjavík Capital Area

    As of March 1st, the public bus service provider of Iceland (Strætó) has changed its rules regarding pets on Reykjavík buses. People are now allowed to take their animal friends onto public buses in the capital area. Pet owners have long lobbied for the rule change which has now entered into a one yer experimental [...]
  • Take A Virtual Horseback Ride Through The Magical Landscapes Of Iceland

    Do yourself a favor. Get yourself a nice cup of your favorite hot beverage, sit back, relax and watch this incredibly soothing video of equestrians taking around 45 Icelandic horses out for a ride on a typical rainy Icelandic summer day. Filmed in North Iceland, the video takes us through beautiful green valleys, over a […] More

  • Little Boy Becomes Best Friends With A Foal

    This adorable video of a four year old boy, Þórður Bragi, and his little friend, the foal Köggur, playing with one another in the family stable is guaranteed to put a gigantic smile on your face! The tiny Icelandic horse was born earlier than expected and was moved quickly into the stables for warmth. That’s […] More

  • Abandoned Iceland – An Award Winning Short Film On Abandoned Farmhouses

    While travelling Iceland by himself, New Zealand cinematographer Hamish Pattison felt so overwhelmed by the vastness of Icelandic nature and the disconnect from usual city life that he began to explore the empty landscapes and eerie, abandoned farmhouses he came across. Wondering about the stories these forgotten farmhouses had, and the people that used to live […] More